Marketing Blog by Paul Wicks

Exhibition Diary by P Wicks 1508420

Given role as media representative for group;


  1. Created separate website for project recognition by potential visitors
  2. Collected, proofed and edited biographies from all artists.
  3. Created project synopsis, supplied to team for approval and editing.
  4. Visited workshop with Rob on WordPress
  5. Prepared presentation with Emily Williams using info from all team members
  6. Wrote out press release bios-press-release-pitch-combined-latest
  7. Designed business cards
  8. Checked Luke was doing newspaper and flyer design, offered support if needed.
  9. Prepared all work for presentation the-collective-groups-powerpoint
  10. Built group blog and added all members as admin.Info here!
  11. Sent out press releases twice.  bios-press-release-pitch-combined-latest
    Once as a whole and then cut down version with video ad.
  12. Replied to enquiries from press release
  13. Designed invites
  14. Created profiles for all members on ArtRabbit, created event and advertised it here
  15. Toured and displayed posters where available
  16. Sent out invites
  17. Advertised via Facebook page and invites, also designed a video ad and used on Instagram and Twitter here
  18. Designed, built and painted plinths for exhibition, including custom ones for Emily and Abigail.

  19. Attempted liaison with other groups re advertising, catering and hospitality for the night.



Resources sources for website
Workshop with Rob Roach on word press administration and project creation
Previous experience in website creation and marketing

Resource links and inspiration:

Press releases
Previous experience in writing press releases

Business cards
Previous experience


Designed posters

Previous experience, plus took inspiration from Brad Lowe’s designs (with permission)

Attended curator workshop and was recommended art rabbit where the show was then advertised


Designed and built plinths to showcase my own, Emily and Abigail’s work.

Liaised with Imogen RE display board.


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