Group Evaluation – “The Collective”

The word “collective” stands for a group of people speaking in a collective voice about similar issues relating to emotions and human condition.
We are exploring the concept of a human nature which is fragile and “unstable as dust”, in perpetual becoming. Our projects are part of a whole which is in the middle of terms of opposition: art and technology, horror and beauty.
We believe that the engaging aspect is found in the simplicity of the deepest feelings and emotions of the human nature. The latter is fleeting, and its identity is shifting. Our collective work aims to represent at the best the differences among us all, which still are bond by the same emotions and events life put us in front of.

In this sense, our “collective” work is coming up pretty well, as each one of us is putting all of his/her efforts and passion in what we’re all doing. It is true that each one of us has a different role, but it’s great when in the individuality we’re still thinking about the whole. Everything we do/think has as a goal not a personal interest, but a common one. Team work is at the basis: even though there may be incomprehensions, we know what our main goal is.
Our strong point is the effort we put in the things we love to do. And we’re all on the same wave length from this point of view.
Everyone is ready to help the other and be very collaboraive, which makes things easier especially when someone of the group is worried or more “stressed out”: this because all the members understand and are really supportive. This is something that should never miss in a group work.


If there’s cohesion and harmony, the work done couldn’t have a negative result. We’re all pretty positive and cheerful, excited to bring this exhibition to the end, step by step. As it is now, we have organized and sorted out everything more or less, but there’s obviously still some work to do. Some members of the group are already satisfied and happy of how their work is coming up, some others are still wondering if it’s good like this or like that. Sure is, we all have the content and the material, we need to assemble and display all the works in order to be read as a whole. We want people to be involved in the interpretation of our projects, as they are our personal thoughts, ideas and feelings. We want them to appear as something simple, but powerful still. We are not seeking perfection, but we hope we’ll manage to show you this side of human beauty seen through the eyes of a collective of students who live and always create with passion.


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