Treasurers Role

As the treasurer of the group my role was to handle the finance and converse with the other treasurers in Chatham house about supplying food and drinks for the private view.

In preparation for the exhibition we had to buy decor and accessories to fill the space. My self and the curator of the group went out to buy these items together, items that also had to be bought we things like, lights, a guest book and table wear, of which we split the costs of between ourselves.

A part of being treasurer was to discuss with the other treasurers about how to supply food. Between us we decided to be catered for by Cafe Maroc after hearing good feedback about the food they supplied last year. After speaking with the owner we worked out a cost and dived it between everyone who was exhibiting in Chatham House, working out at ten pounds per person. I then took on the role of collecting the money and taking it to the caterer. This was a task that was more difficult than expected, it took two days but after finally getting the money together I gave it to Peter and he will send me an official invoice. The food was sorted and ready for the private view however drinks were not included in the cost, so we had to source these ourselves. We estimated how much we would need to spend and between us all we decided two pounds per person would be enough. I then had to also collect this money of each student in chatham house and myself, my groups curator and a member of another group went to the supermarket to buy the drinks. We bought a wide variety of soft and alcoholic drinks using the money that everyone put in.

Despite having our individual roles, our group worked so well as a team that we all helped with everything that needed doing to prepare for this exhibition. We all helped on most aspects of the exhibition, and before any decisions were made everyone had their own input. We all helped set up each others work including collecting plinths from university and setting up everything in the space. Everyone gave their advice to one and other on how their work should be exhibited and helped create the best space to exhibit our work.


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